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The thing about a reputation is...

That it's sometimes difficult to lose. The same, however, cannot be said for respect.

That being said i'm going to quickly go over my philosophy homework.
1.Gorgias - Socrates argues that it is worse to do wrong then it is to suffer wrong, as when you do wrong, your soul/reputation/whatever outlives you is tarnished. Callicles argues the opposite- That suffering wrong is worse, as this means you are victim, which means that you are weak.If you're weak, then you deserve to be ruled over by the strong, who deserve more(he cites the natural example of lions hunting gazelle to support himself.) Socrates then asks who the strong are - are they physically strong? mentally strong? strong at a craft?(not to be confused with a knack)Callicles says no to the first, no to the third (after socrates uses absurd examples, such as a master cobbler having to wear the more and better shoes then every one else).

there is more but it's late, i'll talk more about it tomorrow...with biology!


getting the kitten (and cat) in less then 24 hours =]
I swear, it's like the night before xmas.

I promise photos for all.

Writer's Block: Half a Glass

Myself? opTOMmist =]

always happy, for some odd reason.

some people think it's because i'm on something.

i'm not, it's just me breaking open more sterotypes, i.e, the ones that all genisii are upset.

and boyfriendless

(i love you tom =])

back to the the future people!


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